Worldviews are mostly unconscious group phenomena

I intend to outline the basic arguments of Newthink in this blog and flesh them out with some examples. Bear with me – I am going somewhere with this.

Today’s point: Worldviews are mostly unconscious group phenomena.

Worldviews are group phenomena, operating on a society-wide level. Like an organism which contains many parts, each incomplete in itself, the whole cognitive structure of a worldview is shared; each person carries only a part. A worldview only makes sense when viewed as shared knowledge.

Since most thought is unconscious, it follows that worldviews are mostly unconscious. Like the mind of a human, the shared mind – the worldview – of a society operates for the most part unconsciously, under the surface. Popping above the surface, its social conventions and explicit tenets are evident, if not fully understood. But for the most part, a worldview operates nebulously. We absorb and obey the tenets of our society unconsciously.

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