Day: January 14, 2013

The Elements of a Worldview

I continue laying the foundation for assertions to come.

The shared structure of beliefs comprising the newthink worldview tree produces, like fruit from a tree, all the elements of a worldview: morality, values, conventions, attitudes, social dynamics, character archetypes, self-concept, world-concept and cosmology.

–Morality: a set of rules about what is and isn’t ethical.

–Values: the things a society esteems.

–Conventions: social customs, unwritten rules regarding behavior.

–Attitudes: emotion-laden outlooks. All humans have emotions, but belief creates and guides those emotions; thus, different belief systems create different attitudes. Distinct worldviews cultivate dissimilar emotional outlooks on the world.

–Social Dynamics: Underlying social processes based on a worldview’s unconscious beliefs.

–Character Archetypes: Social dynamics create character archetypes.

character archetype n : a paradigmatic personality type which is shaped by the positive and negative rewards of a society

Positive rewards that shape character archetypes can include praise, fashionableness, money, power, and the mantle of virtue. Negative rewards can include ridicule, unfashionableness, financial hardship, powerlessness, and the reputation of vice. These forces work together to create character patterns that real people tend to unconsciously emulate.

–Self-Concept: what we consciously or unconsciously believe to be true about ourselves.

–World-Concept: what we consciously or unconsciously believe to be true about our world.

–Cosmology: a society’s ideas about the structure of the metaphysical universe.