See? Told Ya So: The Boston Bomber

In my March 21, 2013 blog post, I said, “Newthinkers sympathize with those who behave badly. Progressive sympathy often goes more to traditional evildoers than their victims because newthink tends to see traditional evildoers as damaged goods – inherently noble beings damaged or corrupted by society. They are tragic figures; the victims are just props in their drama.”

Now read this:

tn_Boston BomberSympathy for the Devil

Apparently there’s been a wave of sympathy and even attraction to Boston Bomber #2, despite the 8-year-old boy he (allegedly) killed and the scores he (allegedly) maimed.  Why?  Because progressives don’t generally recognize evil.  It’s not part of their worldview.  Instead they see dysfunction or oppression.  When they are presented with an evil act, they unconsciously search for justifications.  The justification usually involves seeing the evildoer as a victim or a freedom fighter.  More on this later.

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