Day: May 10, 2013

A Progressive Belief: Our Bodies are Inherently Noble

While traditional Americans weren’t the prudes they are sometimes caricatured as, they did believe in personal modesty and privacy.

The unconscious logic supporting this belief goes like this, starting from the “Human beings are inherently and transcendentally noble” branch of the newthink worldview tree:

• Human beings are inherently and transcendentally noble.
• We need to strip away society and return to a natural state to uncover our inherent and transcendent nobility.
• Our bodies are inherently noble.

The unconscious logic of this belief’s single entailment is:

• Privacy and modesty are unnatural.


The sense that our bodies are inherently noble logically leads to the conviction that bodily modesty and privacy are unnatural anachronisms. The salient coarsening of American culture over the last 60 years arose from this unconscious belief.