A Progressive Belief: Progressive Virtue Is Supremely Important

Progressives unconsciously and/or consciously believe that progressive virtue is supremely important.

The unconscious logic supporting this belief goes like this, starting from the “Human beings are inherently and transcendentally noble” branch of the newthink worldview tree:
• Human beings are inherently and transcendentally noble.
• Our motives are inherently noble.
• We are progressively virtuous.
Progressive virtue is supremely important.
The unconscious logic branching out of this belief is:
• Sensitivity, empathy, righteousness and love are extremely important and should be the core of a progressive society.
• Society has no ultimate right to dictate to us because progressive virtue and progressive unvirtue ultimately trump human law.
• Those who do not agree with us – the progressively unvirtuous – are either ignorant or purposely unvirtuous.
• The end, which is a progressively-virtuous society, justifies the means.


Progressive virtue is for progressives what goodness is for traditional Americans.  Just as good is supremely important for traditional Americans, progressive virtue is supremely important for newthinkers.

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