Day: May 12, 2014

Designation Degradation

Recently “climate change” really did change — into a new progressive term: climate disruption. Remember back in the day when they used to call it global warming?

designation degradation n : the process by which progressive terms get discredited and replaced by new ones

Language is a prime arena of progressive deception. Progressives use words as if they were Kleenex, constantly discarding them and moving on to new ones. People may start seeing the inherent falsehood of a term, so “global warming” must be replaced with “climate change” or the latest iteration, “climate disruption.” Or the offensive nature of a progressive concept becomes clear, so “affirmative action” becomes “social justice.” Or a term may simply be sullied by being associated with progressive policies for too long; early 20th century progressives changed into “liberals” as their policies were discredited, then when the word’s associations had faded in the late 20th century, liberals went back to being “progressives.” It’s easy to predict that the word “progressive” will soon lose favor due to its association with progressives (or whatever they’ll be calling themselves next). The pattern of designation degradation is clear: as a term gets discredited, progressives simply make up a new one to take its place.

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