The perception that society is composed of groups that either dominate or are dominated, and that the dominant group ruthlessly oppresses and exploits the weaker group, is the essence of what I call omnimarxism.

omnimarxism n : a largely subconscious and emotion-driven progressive social philosophy, which is an outgrowth of the Marxist dialectical explanation of society and history, in which the Marxist oppressor/oppressed dynamic is applied to virtually every major division in society

A portrait of Karl Marx.
A portrait of Karl Marx. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Omnimarxism is Marxism applied to everything. According to the omnimarxist perception, society teems with opposing groups. Society is a battlefield, a group struggle for domination. This struggle always has winning and losing groups. The dominant group is the oppressor, exploiter and aggressor; the subordinate group is the oppressed, exploited and victim. Oppression is the push; exploitation is the pull. The dominant group pushes the subordinate group down and pulls out anything worthwhile they can from them. So, according to this perception, we have rich oppressing poor, men oppressing women, European-Americans oppressing non-European-Americans, heterosexuals oppressing homosexuals, America oppressing the rest of the world, and so on.

This leads to the omnimarxist theory of history, based on a single theme: oppressor groups wielding power over victim groups. It’s related to the Marxist dialectical explanation of modern history as the struggle between the owners of the means of production and the working class. But omnimarxism is Marxism to the nth power. It is applied to all realms of social relations, not just economics. With omnimarxism, the oppressor/oppressed dynamic is ubiquitous: virtually every prominent social group is perceived as either oppressor or oppressed. Further, omnimarxism is largely a subconscious and emotion-driven social philosophy. Many progressives perceive society from an omnimarxist perspective but don’t consciously know it.

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