Day: October 29, 2014


Progressives tend to believe that society is populated by warring groups, and that the dominant group ruthlessly oppresses and exploits the weaker group.

The unconscious logic supporting this belief goes like this:
• Society is a Battlefield
• Social interaction is war between groups.
• Warring groups either dominate or are dominated.
• The dominant group ruthlessly oppresses and exploits the weaker group.
The unconscious logic branching out of this belief is:
• The oppressed tend to be virtuous.
• The oppressors tend to be unvirtuous.
• Some of the oppressed become so damaged by the oppressors that they engage in antisocial behavior.
• The oppressed should reject the oppressors’ culture and values and create their own culture and values.
• The oppressors got their advantages by exploiting the oppressed.
• The oppressors’ social system is unvirtuous.
• The oppressors must be fought.
• Oppression is the most unvirtuous act because it damages the natural nobility and equality of humanity.
• The individual oppressor can choose not to oppress and instead support the oppressed in their virtuous struggle.


Newthinkers see a continuous dynamic of ruthless subjugation by groups of oppressors against groups of oppressed. Antagonism between these groups is fired up by parinciters who pit the supposed oppressors against the supposedly oppressed and use their position to gain political power and champion status among their pseudoppressed flock.

Demagogues who incite antagonism between the pseudoppressed and pseudoppressors and then feed off the conflict.

Omnimarxism leads to a new tribalism, a return to the default position of tribal identity which western civilization had suppressed. That’s why urban youth gangs have been hard to eliminate: they’re primal expressions of human nature emerging where civilization is weak. The gangs’ self-identity is strengthened by their sense of being oppressed because of ethnicity or poverty. Meanwhile, they’re given an ideological boost by newthink and its inevitable parinciters, which push them to create their own culture and values. This resurgent tribalism extends to all newthinkers in varying degrees, who see their pseudoppressed group as their tribe, exploited and oppressed by a hostile and hated pseudoppressor tribe.