Day: February 13, 2015

The Omnimarxists’ Struggle – In their Own Words

Devout progressives want to dominate, destroy and replace what they view as the unvirtuous and exploitative social systems of the oppressors. Thus they are always fighting an existential battle, permanently at war against the various pseudoppressors. They call it the struggle:

• Lenin and Trotsky continuously referred to it: “But the struggle [my italics] is not at an end . . . Should the Soviets retain supremacy, the struggle will break out anew between the Revolution and all Imperialism . . . ”*

• In their 1968 pamphlet, Beverly Jones and Judith Brown condemned male chauvinism, “giving the struggle [my italics] between the sexes priority over the struggle between the classes . . . The Women’s Liberation movement was born.**

• Che Guevara, speaking to his little daughter, said, “You too will have to fight. I may not be here anymore, but the struggle [my italics] will inflame the Continent.”***

• As one of Stalin’s more sympathetic biographers said, “Remember that the struggle [my italics] against religion is a struggle for socialism.”†

Omnimarxism has expanded the struggle. The battlefield is no longer just bourgeoisie vs. proletariat. It is also, for instance, America vs. the rest of the world; America is the Great Satan to enlightened progressives. Devout newthinkers even believe that there is a struggle between humanity and the environment, and that a human-dominated ecosystem is unvirtuous. No matter who the pseudoppressor — the rich, America, men, European-Americans, heterosexuals, humanity, or God the oppressor — omnimarxists are driven to fight them all.

* Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky, The Proletarian Revolution in Russia, (The Communist Press, 1918), p. 327.

** Ginette Castro, American Feminism: A Contemporary History, (NYU Press, 1990), p. 21.

*** Jon Lee Anderson, Che Guevara: A Revolutionary Life, (Grove Press, 2009), p. 196.

† Emilian Yaroslavsky, Pravda editor and Chief of the Union of the Militant Godless, “Godless Jubilee”, Time Magazine, Feb. 17, 1936.