–activist atheism n : the social movement based on the beliefs that God does not exist and the worship of God is unvirtuous.

–Americanism n : the traditional American worldview

–character archetype n : a paradigmatic personality type which is shaped by the positive and negative rewards of a society

–designation degradation n : the process by which progressive terms get discredited and replaced by new ones

newthink n : the progressive worldview

–omnimarxism n : a largely subconscious and emotion-driven progressive social philosophy, which is an outgrowth of the Marxist dialectical explanation of society and history, in which the Marxist oppressor/oppressed dynamic is applied to virtually every major division in society

–parincitement n : the process of defining, inciting and feeding off a conflict between a pseudoppressor and a pseudoppressed group – parincite vb

political correctness n : progressive morality

–politically correct (PC) adj : adhering to progressive morality

–pom vb pommed, pomming : to manage public opinion

–progress vb : to improve society through large-scale change

–progression n : 1 the progressive social improvement process  2 : progressive do-goodery

–progressive projection n : a special case of the projection defense mechanism in which a progressive attributes impulses and traits that he himself has but cannot accept to his opponents; it is ubiquitous in progressives because of the psychologically uneasy replacement of the virtue categories of good and evil with progressive virtue and progressive non-virtue.

–progressive rage n : intense anger and indignation of the progressive elite against those who are purposely progressively unvirtuous

progressive virtue n : 1 : conformity to a standard of political correctness 2 : moral merit as measured under the newthink worldview

–progressively virtuous (PV) adj : having progressive virtue –(antonym: progressively unvirtuous (unPV))

pseudoppressed n : a member of a group falsely perceived by progressives to be oppressed

–pseudoppression n : a supposed social process which is depicted as an unjust exercise of power

pseudoppressor n : a member of a group falsely perceived by progressives to be oppressive

–public opinion management (POM) n : low-intensity but constant propaganda that surreptitiously shapes public opinion by highlighting events or opinions that illustrate politically correct positions; by ignoring events or opinions that contradict progressive beliefs; by framing issues as exploiter vs. exploited; by attaching virtue to politically correct positions and people; by implicitly reinforcing politically correct assumptions

–relative relativity n : the concept that randomness exists in all science, but can range in degree from near 0% to near 100%

the struggle n : a long-term fight for liberation by progressives against perceived oppressors which is unrestrained by traditional morality

–struggling vt : fighting by progressives against perceived oppressors which is unrestrained by traditional morality

–thug culture n : a social pattern characterized by the inherent tendency, especially in males, toward seeking social status based on violence, the maintenance of face, and primitive behavior

–virtue assignment n : a psychological process which categorizes actions into two categories: virtuous or non-virtuous, based on the existing morality

–virtue categories n : bipolar designations based on the judgement of righteousness under a given system

–worldlove n : a bundle of emotions which are typically dominant in progressives, including sensitivity, empathy, righteousness and love

–worldview tree n : the shared and mostly unconscious cognitive structure of a culture which grows out of its primary cognitive metaphors, and branches out into logical off-shoots of belief

Character Archetypes

Activist Atheists:
Newthinkers who, because they believe God worship is unvirtuous, actively oppose the idea of God and all religious institutions that worship God.

The Beats:
Modern noble savages who “drop out” of society with the intention of living better and more simply. They unconsciously desire to regain their lost innocence, to uncover their inherent and transcendent nobility. They have a lack of social drive because of their conviction that traditional society only taints them. They prefer freer forms of thinking and expression because of their conviction that society confines them. They tend to purposely live more simply, with less and more primitive technology. Because they think society is corrupt, they are introspective, more interested in the interior world.

The Enlightened:
The progressive elite – devout and progressively virtuous, they feel superior to the general public. They have a sense of mission focused on promoting their morality and culture, and fighting oppressors. They feel relatively infallible since they are inspired by their presumably inherent and transcendent nobility. Because of that, they are close-minded.

Demagogues who incite antagonism between the pseudoppressed and pseudoppressors and then feed off the conflict.

Progressive Crusaders:
Newthinkers who actively seek battle with the purposely progressively unvirtuous so as to wrest power from them and create a virtuous future.

Progressive Missionaries:
Newthinkers who spread progressivism through education, media, politics and the takeover of public institutions.

Virtuous Villains:
Those pseudoppressed who justify their traditionally bad acts as caused by oppression, or even think of them as virtuous acts of liberation.

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