NewthinkFrontCoverSmallThis site explains and expounds on the topics contained in the book Newthink: The Hidden Logic of Progressivism and the Usurpation of the Traditional American Worldview by Gordon Pine.

Newthink — the progressive worldview — looms over us.  Its powerful dynamics shape our world.  But when you understand it, the seemingly incomprehensible jumble of America’s recent history, current events, and likely future become clearer.

Under newthink:

–Three fundamental unconscious cognitive metaphors form a new worldview tree that changes everything changeable.
–Political correctness replaces right-and-wrong.
–Progressive virtue replaces goodness.
–God has left the building.
–Nature and virtue merge.
–Appearances are more important than reality.
–News is replaced by public opinion management.
–Progressive Missionaries work toward and Progressive Crusaders fight for their utopian future.
–Omnimarxism shapes society.
–The various pseudoppressed groups struggle against their pseudoppressors.
–Individual moral struggle is replaced by group political struggle.
–Parinciters pit groups against each other.
–Cultural codependence goes unchecked.
–Prolenmity corrupts the psyche of millions.
–The replacement of traditional America is an imperative.
–Big Mother, not Big Brother, is the totalitarian future we are progressing toward.


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